The Shadows Within (WIP)

Intro The Shadows Within is a Unity-based video game that has been developed as a final project. The game centers around a mysterious protagonist who has been transformed into a shadow and is now on a mission to retrieve his physical body. To achieve his goal, he must navigate through various challenges and obstacles, including battles and puzzles that require problem-solving skills. The game showcases a range of features, including immersive graphics, engaging gameplay, and intuitive controls, that make it a unique and thrilling gaming experience.

7 Days

Description 7 Days is an educational game designed for the serious game subject, aimed at teaching players about the dangers of radiation, which can be lethal even when invisible to the naked eye. The game involves escaping a facility using a geiger counter to detect and avoid hazardous levels of radiation, making it a valuable tool for increasing awareness and understanding of this important topic. Screenshots

Curse of Muramasa

Basic project info Intro Description The Curse of Muramasa is a captivating 2D platformer game with an immersive storyline and engaging fighting mechanics. It was distinguished as the best game among all the games published in my course, and what sets it apart is that it was entirely crafted without relying on external assets or resources from other creators. Itch.io Click Here to download The Curse of Muramasa Art Awards Curse of Muramasa won the top 3 best game.

The Heist

Intro Description “The Heist” animation i created that follows M-T, a transforming robot who serves as the mascot of our group, as he assumes the role of a police special force to capture the criminals who have just fled from a bank robbery, resulting in a thrilling and action-packed story.

Pikmin Adventures

Intro Description During my time in university where one of our assignments was to create a stop-motion film, and I chose to make “Pikmin Adventures” as my project, which involved spending hours meticulously crafting each frame and character to bring the world of Pikmin to life on the screen. Storyboard

Bomb Bearer

Basic project info Intro Description “The Bomb Bearer” is an exhilarating card game in which players race to avoid being the one left holding the explosive at the end, ultimately determining the unfortunate loser of the game. Tutorial

Essence of Hope

Intro Description Essence of Hope is an incredible game that I developed using Stencyl game engine software. In this game, players take on the role of the “Essence of Hope” and are tasked with saving the world from the deadly disease called “Dark Matter.” As the only cure for this disease, players must navigate through various challenges and obstacles to save the world. I developed this game within a tight timeframe of just 1 month, but I am proud to say that Essence of Hope boasts a captivating storyline, immersive gameplay, and stunning graphics.

Lazer Warzone

Intro Description Lazer Warzone is a unique and innovative Auto-Chess game that was developed completely using Unity in just 2 months. The game features a set of pieces that move and fight automatically, which are similar to the traditional game of chess. One of the unique features of Lazer Warzone is its different type of characters. Players can choose from a wide variety of characters, each with its own unique abilities, strengths, and weaknesses.